RCPSP: Resource-constrained project scheduling

In this section we address the standard Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling (RCPSP). It consists of a set of n activities X={1, ..., i, ..., n}. Each of them has a non-preemptive duration di. The objective is to determine the start time of each activity in order to minimize the completion time of the project (makespan), taking into account two constraints:

  • Resource constraints: There is a set of m shared resources R={1, ..., k, ..., m} with a constrained amount bk of every available resource. And each activity requires for its realization a total of rik.
  • Precedence constraints: Each activity can start to execute if and only if all its predecessors have already finished.

Kolisch and Sprecher proposed the Project Scheduling Problem Library - PSPLIB as problems sets for assessing of new RCPSP algorithms. Our algorithms for solving RCPSP are outlined below: